LF1 is an AI innovation lab, based in Berlin Kreuzberg. Our goal is to build great machine learning software and technology.

To achieve this we focus on foundational research and product development; the actual marketing, selling, and operating of products and services, whether commercial or non-profit, are separated by spawning spin-offs, ventures, or collaborations with industry partners.

We are open to applications across most industries. Therefore, we prioritize keeping informed and learning continuously about the latest AI research.

Our current work focuses on deep learning, NLP and information retrieval. During our research and development work, we built a general AI development framework that empowers data scientists and greatly accelerates the AI development cycle. This happens to be our first open-source project PADL.ai.

The Partners

Duncan Blythe

PhD in Computer Science

Alexander Schlegel

MSc in Artificial Intelligence

Timo Hagenow